Easy Homemade Vanilla Bean Yogurt

Easy Vanilla Bean Yogurt

If your kids love vanilla bean yogurt but you”re not too fond of all the sugar in the brands that actually taste good I have just the recipe for you. This vanilla bean yogurt is not only easy but it tastes just like major brands but is actually good for you and has live cultures so your kids will get those probiotics that are so important in yogurt.


You want to use real vanilla beans for this recipe. You can buy whole beans or ground beans. Both will work. When buying vanilla beans you will want to buy extra because once you try them you’ll want to use them in everything. You can purchase 12 Tahitian Vanilla Beansfor $10.00 on Amazon.

For the yogurt you want Greek full fat yogurt. Don’t buy store brands, they typically aren’t real Greek yogurt and don’t have the live cultures. You want full fat, the low fat has sugar added to it; it’s a good fat so don’t worry too much about it being high in fat 🙂

Vanilla extract is optional. I didn’t put it in ours because I felt the vanilla beans were plenty.  I did use White Stevia Powder to sweeten the yogurt to keep it sugar free. It tastes the same as if it has real sugar anyway. Kids had no idea.

Directions for making yogurt

Cut the beans in pieces and stick in the blender with half the yogurt. Blend on high, you may need to add some milk or water to it to get it going. Once the beans have blended and you do not see any large chunks go ahead and add the rest of the yogurt and several packets of Stevia or sugar of choice. Blend for 10-20 seconds and refrigerate.


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