Vanilla Wafer Tiramisu Trifle Recipe

Do you all remember the old fashioned Tiramisu recipe by  Nabisco Nilla Wafers? Our blog assistant found the recipe at her moms house and shared it with me.  I decided to revamp the old recipe and I must say it is absolutely delicious. Check out how Emily’s Frugal Tips remade an old favorite into something more modern.

tiramisu trifle


Vanilla Wafer Tiramisu Trifle Recipe
Recipe Type: Desserts
Cuisine: pudding
Author: Emily Martinez
  • 8 oz ricotta cheese
  • 2 pkg vanilla pie filling
  • 3 cups cold milk
  • 1/2 cup strong brewed coffee
  • 1 tablesp0on finely ground espresso powder
  • 2 squares chocolate bar shaved
  • 48 wafers
  • 1 cup fresh raspberries
  • 1 container fresh whipped cream (1 pint whipping cream)
  1. Blend ricotta, milk, 2 cups whipped cream until smooth and creamy. Layer 24 wafers on bottom of trifle dish and pour 1/2 mixture over them and then drizzle with half the coffee. Layer whipped cream on and sprinkle with raspberries and shaved chocolate. Sprinkle 1/2 espresso powder on. Repeat layering process.
  2. Refrigerate for 2 hours before eating.


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