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Beachbody Focus T25 Review

No Time to Workout

I Just Found Some For You

That’s Focus T25 for you.

All you need is 25 minutes a day to have the body of your dreams.

If you work hard, stay consistent, and stay conscious of what you are eating you will see results.

The results will come quick. You will see your body shrink, muscles will appear and if you’ve got excessive fat you will notice it melt off fast.


My Review

I received Focus T25 quickly. It came in a small sized box so at first I thought the system probably wasn’t going to have that much to it but I was wrong. That small package packs a LOT of punch. There’s a lot of goodies in this kit, making it a great at home workout system.

So far I’ve done a couple workouts and I was able to complete them with minimal breaks. They aren’t easy workouts and I am a big girl so it is hard for me but I never quit. I was able to finish them when I had absolutely no faith I could. My only regret is I chose to do the workouts at night and it was hard for me to sleep afterwards because the workouts get your energy flowing. I was energized after the workout for several hours. So definitely¬† don’t do these workouts too close to bed or you might be awake all night counting sheep.

Focus T25 is focus interval training. It designed to give you a great workout in a short time. Studies have shown that you really don’t get any extra benefit from doing an hour long workout. As long as your workout is getting your heart rate up to burn fat you can get away with 30 minutes and be done! Focus T25 is 25 minutes plus a 5 minute cool down. That’s it! you have time for it. If I can do it then so can you.

What Will You Receive in Focus T25

You will receive a total of 10 DVDs

Quick start quide

a nutrition plan

Alpha-Beta Calendar detailing 30 days of workouts

Bonus gifts

stretch workout DVD, resistance band,  5 day fast track, and 24/7 online support

you can purchase Focus T25 here

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