Give up Refined Sugar for Good



Removing sugar from your diet is one of the best things you can do for your body and your health,

but it also happens to be one of the hardest dietary changes most people face. Sugar is in most

processed foods, even the ones that we don’t suspect of containing sugar, so depending on

your eating and shopping habits, it might be a lot easier or harder to replace food. Like other

vices, sugar, is best removed from your diet at a slow pace rather than all at once. Use these tips to keep your sanity while giving up sugar and ensure that you give it up for the long haul.


Start With the Easiest Sources


 Most people do not realize just how much sugar they are consuming and grab at whatever tastes the best. It turns out that the things that taste the best to us are those products and 

drinks that are packed with sugar. Rather than diving head in and trying to remove all sources of

sugar, go for the easiest, most obvious sources of sugar that you are consuming. Remove fizzy

drinks and those sugar packed treats that are most obvious.

Replace Refined Foods


So many of the refined foods that we include in our daily diet are simple carbs that get broken

down into sugars. You can reduce the amount of sugar further by removing refined carbs from

your diet and replacing with protein and vegetables. When you replace these carbs and add

the protein and veggies, don’t cancel out your efforts by adding an abundance of sauces and

marinades, which can also be high in sugar content.


Clean Out Your Cabinets


It’s easier to stay on track when you do not have the temptation near you, so clean out your

cabinets, removing and replacing all sources of sugar. You don’t want to leave your cabinets

and refrigerator empty, so make sure to fill it back up with healthy, sugar free sources of food

and snacks that you can grab when you’re hungry. This eliminates the desire to just run out and

grab something or eat on the go.


Become a Label Reader


Most people don’t bother reading the labels on the back of food, but once you start you will

be amazed at the number of products containing sugar. Read every label, without exceptions.

Once you have eliminated the most obvious sources of sugar in your diet and your body has

begun to detox from the amount of sugar you are used to consuming, you can start to go after

the hidden sources. Sometimes it turns out that the hidden sources of sugar in our diets are as

high as, or higher than, the more obvious sources.


Stay Strong


When you first start, eliminating sugars and fighting the craving is going to be hard. You might

even cheat and have a snack once or twice, and that’s fine. What you don’t want to allow

yourself to do is cheat regularly to the point where you are slowly adding higher and higher

amounts of sugar to your diet. Once your body is used to consuming smaller portions of sugar,

from natural sources like fruit, you will no longer crave it and be better able to control your


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