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Back 2 School Tips on Saving

School’s out and the kids are at home driving you nuts. If you’re like me you probably started looking into summer camps days before school even let out. C’mon just admit it, you know you did. I’ll admit it if you do 🙂

But what you really should be doing is making a plan for back to school shopping. Have you even started thinking about back two school shopping yet. Not only is it a smart move to start shopping early but you’ll save hundreds of dollars. Right now winter clothing is still on clearance. Give it a month and all those awesome prices you’re seeing right now will be gone. My best advice is to start shopping clearance sales in store and online. Pair online store sales with coupon codes from places like, where you can search for codes for the stores you’re shopping at.

Coupon codes are a hot thing right since the virtual coupon world lit up. Every major retailer has a space in their checkout system for special discount codes. When you pair a hot sale with a discount code you drastically increase your savings and you’ll be able to afford more for your student. Some of the ways I find coupon codes are

  • Checking the store website for hidden codes. Sometimes a store will have a special sale and there will be a discount code up top in the header that says something like “save $10 on a $50 purchase plus get free shipping by entering (coupon code FREE)”.
  • Checking with friends to see if they have a code from a previous purchase. Oftentimes when someone makes a purchase, the company will include a coupon in the mailed package. Normally the coupon can be used online as well.
  • Checking coupon code sites. There are websites that offer only online coupon codes. They get the codes from the companies they work with and through word of mouth-their fans.

Back to school shopping doesn’t have to be expensive when you plan for it. Remember to use coupons both paper and online codes. If you’re shopping online you can find coupon codes just about anywhere but I recommend codes from because their codes seem to be the most “up to date”.

I’ll have more tips and tricks to saving during the back to school shopping frenzy that’s about to happen in a couple weeks.

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