New Dollar Tree Value Seekers Club
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New Dollar Tree Value Seekers Club

I don’t know about you but The Dollar Tree is my jam. And now they have a new Dollar Tree Value Seekers Club! I am there at least weekly and more often than not multiple times a week. From personal shopping to purchasing things I need for the client’s I work with at my day job, to blogging posts I’m there all the time.

Dollar Tree Value Seekers Club

I find name brands all the time and many of The Dollar Tree brands are just as good as name brand versions anyway. They are a great resource for dental care, hair supplies, snack foods, stationary, craft supplies, and school supplies. Not to mention their kitchenware. I like to supplement with dollar tree dishes for my Pioneer Woman set.

The Dollar Tree always has fresh deals and new inspiration for crafters and moms like us. Now they have an extra program called the Dollar Tree Value Seekers Club to help you save even more money.

Join the Club… It’s Free

As a value seekers club member you’ll have access to:

Exclusive Ideas & Inspiration

Members-Only Contests

First-to-know offers

Sneak peeks

Affordable recipes

… And so much more

The Dollar Tree Value Seekers Club is For You If You’re a:

Serious crafters

DIY decorator

Home chef & baker

Frugal parent

Hip hostess

It’s easy to sign up and start saving right away. Sign up takes 30 seconds and you can do that here

I’m looking forward to all my savings, and getting new inspiration for decorating my house on the cheap as well as frugal recipes I can actually afford.

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