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Wii U Mario Kart Deluxe Kit Review

Are you wondering what the Wii U craze is all about? We were to, and since I am an Nintendo Ambassador they sent my son a Wii U Mario Kart Deluxe Kit to try out. Needless to say my 14 year old was stunned when the package came. His exact worlds were “OMG you are the coolest mom ever. You got Nintendo to send you this for ME?” Scored mega cool mom points for this one. We are so excited to be sharing our thoughts about the Wii U Mario Kart Deluxe Edition. Read on to discover why Wii U is so awesome and why your kid needs one to.

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The Wii U has gotten even better. When you purchase the Wii U Mario Kart Edition there are some extra features that come preinstalled on this gaming system. The Wii U comes with Mario Kart 8 as well as 32 GM of memory. This will allow you to save the progress that you make on the game and will allow you to try the different courses as the different game characters.

The Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Wii U has a number of great gaming features that are included with the deluxe purchase. When you purchase the Wii U in the Deluxe Mario Kart 8 edition you will of course get the Wii U console as well as the gaming pad that will allow you to play on the console. But you will also get Mario Kart Art 8 preinstalled on the device. The game will also come in DLC. My daughter was pretty excited to see the Art 8 installed.

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The average rating for the Mario Kart 8 Wii U system is 8.2 out of 10 possible stars. We think that is pretty impressive! My kids love the Wii U because there are several different ways to play with it. You are not limited like you are in some of the older game consoles, and Wii U is comparably less expensive than some of its competing console brands. With the new Wii U you can use the game pad and the Wii remote to move the characters around plus you are able to use both for multiple players. You can even connect to the internet when playing Mario Kart to face off with other players, a cool feature for most kids. With the Wii U you can stream things like Netflix and Hulu using the Wii app, a cool feature that allows Wii U to compete with its competitor bands.

To watch Netflix you need to follow these directions

Included in the package are the Wii U AC adapter as well as the game pad adapter so that a person can plug them in and charge them while playing. There is also an HDMI cable to connect the device to the television and a sensor bar that will pick up the movements. There is a game pad cradle as well as stand support to help keep the system safe.


Wii U Mario Kart Edition is different from any other gaming system on the market. Kids tend to have their favorite gaming systems so even though I think Wii U is awesome not everyone will agree. I will say that both of my teens were in heaven when they received this system.  My youngest is 14 and the oldest is 17. I know that my sister has the older edition for her kids and they still use it a lot. I know that when my son’s friends came over and saw that we had the newest Wii system they were excited. So apparently Nintendo is doing something right. That being said, I really think that the Nintendo has come a long way in delivering a product that is both innovative and functional. All of the games including Mario Kart 8 are presented in clear high definition and the graphics are like nothing that you have seen before in video games. I know that some competing brands have similar high definition but they are not able to deliver the quality that Nintendo does. Personally that is one of the reason I prefer Wii U over other consoles but my husband does not like Wii U at all. So it really is a personal preference, and deciding what is important to you in a gaming system is something only you can do.


The game pad on this Wii U is new and improved, a better upgrade to the old edition Wii controllers but the old Wii controllers still work on this new console. In this new Wii U edition, there is a second window on the screen so that a person can get the most of their gaming experience. The game pad also lets you control the movement of the characters on the screen more easily than the old controllers. There is also a front facing camera as well as a microphone and speakers on this new system that will allow you to communicate with other players. The rumble feature allows you can feel the movement of the game especially when you crash into something, and according to my youngest that just sold it for him. You can also use this pad to help you browse the internet on your Wii U device.


Nintendo was nice enough to also include an extra game for my kids called Amiibo Festival , which is a exploring board type Wii game. The kids weren’t too thrilled with this one, but I think that if you have younger children they might love it. You collect happy points, and bells in animal crossing. The points can then be traded for outfits, and other things used in the game.

Wii U Mario Kart Deluxe Bundle is on sale for $299 on the Nintendo website.


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