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Jabra Freeway Speaker Review

I was offered an integrated speaking device when I purchased my new car but it was expensive so I decided against it, especially since the bluetooth device I was currently using was working just fine for me. I am always looking for ways to use my cell phone in the car while still staying legal and safe because I work in a field that requires my phone to be on at all time. I have been using a Jabra blue tooth device so I am familiar with the Jabra brand and have been successful with using it in my car and with my HTC Evo Phone but it bothers my ear when I have earrings on and with long hair it can easily fall  out of my ear if I mess with my hair.


jabra freeway

I was offered the opportunity to review the Jabra Freeway device.¬† I have heard of speaker phone devices for the car before but always thought they were expensive and would not be something that I could afford, especially after hearing the price for the integrated device the car dealership tried to install in mine. I was surprised at how affordable the Jabra brand is, for around $130 you can own this Jabra Freeway Speakerphone and it is portable, so it can be moved to different cars. you should have seen my husband’s face when I showed him this speakerphone. I thought he was going to jump up and down with excitement and before I knew it he had it installed in our car.

It snaps easily on your sun visor in your car and with just the tap of your finger turns on and a friendly female voice speaks when you connect it you your cell phone for the initial setup.
You do have to remember to turn it off if you are going to be within 30 feet of your car when you leave or it will pick up your calls even when you don’t want it to. I discovered this when I parked too close to my apartment and forgot to turn it off, it picked up my calls for me and I had to go outside to turn it off and then call my friend back.

Specs for the Jabra Freeway

  • rich and crisp sound with 3 speakers and Virtual Surround Sound.
  • Keep conversations clear with acoustically optimized design featuring HD Voice ready, dual microphones, echo and noise cancellation.
  • Use your voice to make, answer, end, redial and reject calls.
  • free Voice Assist subscription, send and receive text messages and emails, post updates to Facebook and Twitter.
  • Up to 14 hours of talk time and 40 days of standby time.
  • Control music player using AVRCP remote controls.
  • Turns on and off automatically using the built-in motion sensor.
  • Dedicated mute button, on/off switch and large easy to access volume controls.
  • Multipoint–connects to 2 active Bluetooth devices at the same time.
  • FM Transmitter sends music and calls from mobile phone to car radio.
  • A2DP streams music, podcasts and turn-by-turn GPS directions from your phone.
  • Voice guidance provides pairing instructions, caller ID, connection status, and battery level.

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