Use Leftover Easter Peeps as the Center of Cooking Crafts

Arts and crafts are a great way to spend time with family and be creative. Using this time to make crafty food for family and friends’ enjoyment is a great way to integrate cooking and crafts together. Using different peeps flavors to shake things up and make a truly memorable dish is also a rewarding use of time and energy. I am sure you have peeps leftover from Easter. Here are some creative ways to use up those Easter peeps.

When crafting with food one can choose to make very intricate works of food art, or keep things simple. A simple way to use peeps flavors in the different food crafts is to fashion cupcakes, or even a platter as a peeps showcase. Children will love the designs and the peeps.


Different flavors of peeps can also be melted down and used to make crispy treats from cereals. Simply mix in the melted peeps and use them as the marshmallows in this food craft. To top it off, use a peep on top of the treats for the visual enjoyment of all.

If you are using peeps in a main course, they may also find that placing or mixing them with sweet potatoes and then baking gives a unique touch to any table. When the peeps fully melt it appears to be eyes gazing out of the platter, and the different flavors that the peeps come in add just the right sweetness to the dish.

You may also choose to use the peeps and different candies as a centerpiece for the Easter or holiday table. Fashion grass from fruit rolls or taffy, and then use the peeps as animals. Add some pretzel trees, maybe some eggs in the grass (jelly beans). A beautiful embellishment on the holiday table that can also be eaten!

Whether mixing the different flavors of peeps into a main dish, as the main item in a desert, or even as an embellishment on a centerpiece of dish peeps always make the perfect fun craft for all cooking adventures.

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