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The Best Plants to Welcome Spring

Spring is a season of fresh air, sun, and new growth. Trees begin to sprout leaves and the world sheds its winter gloom and slowly blossoms into color. To help add life to your home, here are some of the best plants to welcome spring!

Best Plants to Welcome Spring

Hanging baskets can dress up a front porch nicely.

Petunias are great for baskets, and come in varying hues of purple, pink, white, and striped depending on your garden’s color scheme. Pansies also work rather well for hanging baskets, and come in even more color varieties. Both plants grow in full and healthy, creating an inviting front porch. Try planting petunias and pansies with spike plants and hanging ivy for a dynamic hanging basket.

For controlled gardened areas around trees or in front of your home, plant daffodils and crocuses.

Yellow daffodils and purple crocuses complement each other quite nicely when planted in the same area and, as both are dependable perennials, will keep coming back year after year. When you start to see the first signs of your returning daffodils and crocuses next year, you’ll know it’s time again for spring!

If you have a fence, trellis, or lattice work around your yard, dress it up with a climbing plant like a clematis or wisteria.

Clematis will begin to grow in the springtime, leaving you with large, eye-catching flowers by summer. You can easily transport it to other areas of your yard and watch it climb. Wisteria produces light lavender flowers that hang in long bunches. It will fill the air with a sweet smelling aroma that will make your garden the envy of your neighbors!

This spring, celebrate the warmer weather by introducing some new plants and flower combinations to your yard. Get creative and colorful. Your garden is your canvas.

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