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Ten Ways Women Can Upcycle Their Clothes

What do you usually do with clothes that no longer fit? Do you give them to a charity or do you give them to other family members? When it comes to clothes for children, usually it is possible to give to friends and family with children of similar age. What happens if you simply cannot part with a particular piece, but have no logical use for it? You can upcycle it and make a myriad of different things that can also be useful in your home! Below are a few upcycle ideas you can implement to upcycle your clothes.

10 ways women can upcycle their clothes

1. Create a hat for your son or daughter from a T-shirt.
2. Create a decorative hat box from a dress that is out of style, but full of character.
3. Create a stylish T-shirt scarf for crisp spring nights that are too hot for a winter scarf.
4. Create a storage bag from old shorts to hold all your odds and ends in the laundry room or your garage.
5. Create a sewing machine cover from old jeans that looks retro chic.
6 Create pot holders from old jeans.
7. Create a maxi skirt from old T-shirts.
8. Create new clothes for your child’s baby and Barbie dolls from old dresses.
9. Create a sweater for old Rover from an outdated cable knit sweater to keep him warm when he goes outside.
10. Create a cozy turtleneck sweater for your dog, for when it is too cold for lounging on the back of your chair on those crisp winter nights.

When it comes to using old clothes that you and your family have outgrown, or are simply out-of-date styles or patterns, keep in mind that there are other ways to reuse these pieces. the upcycle ideas mentioned above are great ways to be environmentally friendly while saving a little money in the process. Let your creativity shine by creating an abundance of other things. Let your imagination be your guide and create!

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