3 Pack of Nail Art Brushes $1.86 Shipped

Nail Art Brushes are all the rave and have been going strong for the last 4 years at least. A lot of kids and teens use nail art brushes to create cute little designs on their nails. Older teens can take it one step further by creating unique nail designs for Prom, Homecoming or even a fun summer pool party. My daughter loves the Nail Art Brushes I have featured here because they fit in her hand well. The price doesn’t hurt either!

Nail Art Brushes

Before we found these tools my daughter was doing her nail designs using the end of a Q-tip. It works fine but these brushes work better and there is less mess. Nothing is worse than a bottle of spilled nail polish. I feel that these nail art brushes are designed to go into the bottle where a Q-tip isn’t. It just results in less mess and makes my life easier. Get these nail art brushes for only 1.86 with free shipping now.





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