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Review of Truffled Potato Chips

Have you heard of Truffles? No, not the chocolate kind… Truffles are a type of fungus sort of like a mushroom but they have a distinct aroma and flavor like no other fungus available. According to many people, the truffle is the worlds most delicate food but also the most expensive. People are willing to pay a lot of money for truffles, I am talking thousands of dollars for a tiny ounce! As a deals blogger I find it ridicules that people are willing to spend so much on fungus and it might seem odd that I would blog about something such as this. I was contacted by Susan Rice, creator of the Truffled Potato Chips, I was intrigued when she offered to have me review her chips and honestly I’ve always wanted to try a truffle.

The thing I like about Susan’s concept is she is bringing the truffle to the normal person, a normal person can’r nor would they spend thousands of dollars on truffles but with Susan’s chips you can get an authentic truffle flavor for a few dollars. In fact her chips are just $18 for a 3lb tin!


So what did I think of this chef delicacy? You may not know this but I am actually a bit of a baby when it comes to trying new foods so at first I was a little nervous about trying Truffled Potato Chips because they didn’t smell like something I have ever had before but the smell was not bad it was just different. Truffles have a very strong smoky odor and I am not used to that smell. I sucked it up and I tried a chip and I was AMAZED at how much I liked them, the flavor is really good but hard to explain in words!  They do taste kind of smoky and bold though but salty to.

If you are looking for a unique gift you may want to think about Truffled Potato Chips because your recipient won’t expect this gift and it is highly likely that they have never had them before. Susan Rice also carries a Margarita and Bloody Mary Salt Rimmer that’s supposed to be good to, you can find it in the links throughout this review.




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