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Review of System Mechanic 11 – Holiday Gift Guide

I was looking for gifts to feature  for dad and those hard to buy folks that you barely know yet have to buy for anyways. I came across this System Mechanic 11 software that claims it will fix most computer problems plus speed up your computer.

I have had my desk top for a long time now and scared to part with it because I have embroidery designs stored on it as well as it being an older computer with old software that is compatible with my computerized embroidery machines plus I use it for my blogging business. Lately the computer has been acting up a lot, it freezes up, I get weird messages or it will crash and once I even got a blue screen of death for a split second and then it went back to normal. I knew I needed something to fix all the issues my computer had but I’m a bit techy challenged and knew nothing about my options. Then I found System Mechanic 11 and my troubles were over, yes like literally over!

My computer has decided to behave, it’s not shooting me the weird system errors anymore, I can get on the internet without it crashing, it’s moving with speed and I know longer want to throw my computer out the window. Best of all, I did not lose anything on my computer! The install was so easy to, all I did was pop it into the dis drive, a screen popped up and I filled out my information, put in the product key and pressed scan now, and within 15 minutes of the install my computer was fixed!

System Mechanic 11 will fix computer errors, crashes and freezes. It will restore speed, clean up clutter and junk files, improves gaming experience, prevents slowdowns, and will plug security holes. You don’t need to be computer literate to work this software, it is very easy to work and you won’t become frustrated by confusing directions. All repairs are completed by 1 click and maintenance is automated so you never have to worry about forgetting to schedule anything.

System Mechanic – Up to 3 PCs has PC version and instant download options if you choose not to wait for a CD Rom to arrive. The software is $49.99 but right now it is on sale for $39.99. If you purchased a computer as a holiday gift this year this software will pair nicely with it.



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