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Review: Flat Iron Experts – Macadamia Natural Oil Hair Care Line

My daughter and I received the Macadamia Natural Oil Hair Care line from Flat Iron Experts to review. Of course, you know me and you know my blog; I don’t review anything that I do not like or will not use myself. So when I was offered this line of products I was excited. I love trying new hair care products out but do not like paying an arm and a leg for them. I was happy that the products are inexpensive, they are under $25 each,  but they work really well. They also smell really good and come in attractive containers which is important to me because I am weird about containers being ugly.

Macadamia Natural Oil products were designed to nurture your hair. The product line combines two essential oils that nourish thirsty hair while providing a healthy shine  without weighing down your hair. The company states on their website that their employees love this hair care line so much that they give it a one hundred percent recommendation. I think that says a lot about the company and about this product and I would have to agree with them that it is an awesome product that I would purchase over and over again. the product line also has a 5 star rating on their website.

 The items I reviewed are

Rejuvenating Shampoo : This stuff is amazing! It smells so good to and leaves your hair looking shinier than it would with using other cheaper brands. I like that it is color safe, sulfate and paraban free. My hair is not dry but I thought the shampoo moisturizes great for being shampoo. For me the important thing was that it is color safe since my hair is dyed a lighter color than my natural hair color. The only thing that we didn’t like about the product is it does not lather up but I think it is because the product has a lot of oil in it and it did not effect the ability to clean our hair in anyway.

Reviving Curl Cream: My daughter specifically requested this product because she has naturally curly hair and she struggles with it tangling and getting frizzy. She commented that the product made her curls separate and were lighter and there was no frizz. I noticed right away that her hair looked more curly than usual and they were bouncier. I also like that the container is a pump style so she won’t make a mess with it in her bathroom as she tends to do that with products that are in a pour out style.

Deep Repair Mask: According to Flat Iron, the repair mask restructures damaged, dry and brittle hair. My daughter flat irons her hair weekly and because of that her hair has become damaged from the high heat. Even with the expensive flat iron we have and the heat protector she still tends to fry her hair with it. I think it’s more user than product though as the iron we have is top of the line. Anyway, the repairing mask has helped a lot in restoring natural beauty to her hair. The product has repaired her hair like nothing else I have tried. I am really hooked on this repair mask. Also, my husband has extremely bad dandruff so we wanted to see if it would help with that. It did not do much as far as helping with the dandruff but it did help with making my husband hair look healthier.

So would I recommend this product to my readers you ask? Absolutely! I have fallen in love with the Macadamia line, the products do what they  claim and not only do they smell good but they come in attractive bottles that look like they are bathroom decor; I find that is a rarity know days. I am also a fan of Flat Iron Experts as a company in general because I have received some quality products from them in the past and they are still working strong.  Above all else, the products work and that is what is most important to me as a consumer.

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