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Review of Oliver’s Labels

First off I want to say that I rarely post a negative review and do everything I can do to work with a company before doing so. I want my readers and the companies I work with or will work with in the future to know that the products I review are things that I would normally use or things that I am interested in. I am sad that I have to post this review but my story must be told…because my readers deserve to know. 

I was offered a review of Oliver’s Labels, they create labels that are to be used on children’s items, things like clothing  dishes and toys. I immediately sent my information to the pr rep who then took weeks to get back to me just to let me know that the text I chose was too long and I needed to scale it down plus use a different font. Okay, that’s fine I can do that. So I emailed the rep again and gave new text and font information. Never heard a word from them.

I waited 2 months, YES 2 MONTHS and then sent a message asking the status of my order. A week later I received a response stating that they were swamped but would be sending the order. I felt that it was bad customer service of the company not to email and state that the order was delayed but I am patient and can wait and I understand that there are times when a company is truly swamped…but then several more weeks went by and at this point it had been almost 4 months since our first contact.

Since I was about to start Emily’s Frugal Tips Christmas Guide and I literally have hundreds of reviews to get done I decided to write the company an email letting them know I would like to be released from the review and to please remove me from the reviewers list. I did not hear a word from them for at least 2 weeks. Then an email popped up stating my labels had been shipped. In the email it stated that the text I sent over (website address and email) was too long and that the font did not look good so they took it upon themselves to 1. scale down the text to just my email address and 2. completely change the font. The company did not contact me to ask if the text and new font was something that I would want nor did they respond to the email I sent them asking to be removed from the review.  They just shipped without alerting me, the customer, of the changes they made without my consent. 

I emailed Oliver’s Labels and I let them know that I was not happy with their customer service and based on the fact that they shipped my labels with unauthorized changes that I could not/would not be writing a positive review, I also noted that I had requested that they cancel my review.  The response I received was completely snotty and accusatory. The rep stated that they told me my original text was too long and that since I was frustrated with the amount of time it took to get the labels to me they expedited their the process. So apparently it does take the company 4 months to process an order for any customer, not just a blogger…

They agreed to release me from the review but the labels had already shipped. I received them a few days ago, I am disappointed in the quality of the labels, the text is aligned weird and not what I ordered at all. The labels themselves are very thin and feel like a paper sticker and not like a label should feel like. They just look like they were thrown together very quickly.

Oliver's Labels



  • Jennifer Bowyer

    4 months is a tad too long and the way they handled it was unprofessional not to mention I can design better looking labels then those and in less time….If you are going to be behind, you need to let your customers know!

  • AvonbyKellyM

    WOW!! I have never had a company take 4 months, heck about 1-2 wks was the longest I have ever waited when using vistaprint or inkgarden. Then making changes that you didnt ask for?? They should of shrunk the lettering in the font you wanted. Bad company. I wont ever be using them.

  • Melissa G

    I purchased labels from them with my sons name prior to school this year and they came in less than a week and were just what I wanted. They have lived up to all the claims too- dishwasher safe and machine washable. Sounds like their pr person dropped the ball.

  • Maria

    I would email this review to higher ups in the company including the contact us section of heir website. If you worked directly with 1 person, I blame them & that company may not be aware of the quality of the PR person.

    I have never worked with that company so I wouldn’t know their normal quality. That really sucks for you b/c that’s another company that you could have done a nice review on on their place. That’s what companies don’t realize. We have limited time & space for specific content on our sites. Sorry to hear that for you.

  • Lisa

    Hi Emily,
    First off, I want to apologize (again) for the way in which your order was handled. I’m sorry if my apology wasn’t clear in my last email. The mistakes were made by me personally, which I acknowledge and take responsibility for. Email, sometimes, is not the best medium for interacting, as things can come across differently than they were intended. My sincerest intent was simply to explain my errors and why they were made, so you could understand, not be accusatory in any way. Again, please accept my apologies and know that this was an error on my part and I’d like the opportunity to rectify the situation, if you’ll let me.
    Best regards,
    Lisa, Oliver’s Labels

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