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Options For Working From Home

There are so many people out there who believe you can’t really work from home, but in reality there is all kinds of home-based work available. Some are just good for extra cash but others supply an income that would be comparable to a job outside the home, minus the cost of commuting, lunches out, and all those other added expenses that go along with working a brick and mortar job. If you’re interested in working at home, here are just a few ideas of things you can do:

Answer Text Messages
ChaCha & KGB regularly hire text operators to answer random questions people send via text with their phones.The pay is pretty low at either company, but many people choose to do it anyway because not only is it fun, but it’s also a great way to sit around in your PJ’s and earn a little money for doing something relatively easy.  

Data Entry From Home
The first thing to be aware of regarding data entry from home is that most of the opportunities you come across are scams. Fortunately though, you can find legit data entry work to do from home if you know exactly where to look for it. I recommend checking sites like ODesk, Elance, and Freelancer for available data entry jobs. It’s also occasionally possible to find it on sites like Amazon mTurk or Cloud Crowd. A few legit data entry companies include Great American Opportunites, Dion Data, Axion Data, and Key for Cash. The first three of these almost never hire new workers, but Key for Cash does. The pay at Key for Cash is very low, but they do send checks out every week if you’ve made at least $30 in that week.

Forum Posting
People who have just started forums often hire workers to get the conversation going and attract visitors. You can sign up with sites like Post Loop, Kickstart My Forums, and Wired Flame as a paid forum poster. The rate of pay varies and you generally earn more for starting threads than you do for replying to existing posts. 

Do you have your teaching degree? If so, you might want to look into tutoring students from your home online. Two of the more popular sites hiring for this are Brainfuse and Tutor.com. If you don’t have a teaching degree — or any degree — ESL tutoring is also an option. Idapted and Tutor ABC are two reputable sites that hire for ESL tutoring. 

Search Engine Evaluation
A great option for non-phone work is search engine evaluation. Basically what you’re doing here is looking at the landing pages for search engine results and determining if they match the search phrase or not. Work Force Logic, Leapforce, Lionbridge, and Butler Hill all hire search engine evaluators regularly. Although the work sounds easy, it can actually be very challenging. 

Task Sites
Short task sites are usually just good for extra money, but there are some people that are able to turn them into an income. With these sites, the possibilities for work to do is endless. Clients post human intelligence tasks they need done and workers sign in and complete whatever tasks they feel they can do. Some types of jobs/tasks that often get posted on sites like these include data entry, transcription, article writing, commenting on blogs, and more. 

Flexible Offline Work
If you don’t necessarily have to work inside your home and really just need flexible hours, you might want to think about doing some mystery shopping, court research, or merchandising. All three of these jobs let you work whenever you want, provided that the locations you are visiting are open during the time you go. 

There are several different types of transcription and the most popular include general, legal, and medical. With all three, you are basically just listening to an audio file and typing out the words you hear as accurately as possible. If you are a beginner, you probably will not be able to land a legal or medical transcription job without any training. However, it is possible to get in on general transcription with no experience. Quicktate, Scribie, and Appenscribe are three websites who will hire beginners to do general transcription. 

Do you have a way with words? If so, get paid for it! The options for getting paid for your writing are almost limitless. You can sign up with content sites like Textbroker, Writer Access, or Bright Hub and begin earning money for creating unique content. Don’t want to bother with the content sites? Then just market yourself! You can set up a website offering your writing services and then start getting the word out. There are always people who need writing work done. 

— Anna Thurman has been a work at home mom for the past five years. For more ideas on working at home and earning money online, check out her website at Real Ways to Earn Money Online.



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