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I have the wonderful privilege of reviewing “Mindfulness and the Art of Choice” by Karen H. Sherman, PhD. Karen is a successful practitioner of psychiatry, and experienced family trauma has a child. The book gives ideas and worksheets to help you choose a better path. Basically it’s a book to help you change your life so you can live the way you’ve always wanted. Whether that is through the elimination of bad habits or learning ways to cope with past childhood trauma, Karen’s lessons walk you through the steps you need to develop a plan of action so that you are successful in changing yourself. The Art of Choice will help you determine why you haven’t been able to achieve the goals you’ve desired. You will become aware of triggering signals that indicate you are responding in an adverse way. You will also learn how to notice and turn off the negative thought process that keeps you from reaching your goals. Karen’s book teaches you how to deal with specific everyday issues that are common to get in the way of living a joyful, satisfying life. 
There are 26 exercises in the book to help you develop a plan of action to start immediately changing your life. I found the exercises were easy to follow and were created to help a wide variety of issues, from procrastination to overcoming childhood traumas. There’s an exercise for just about any problem you could think of. I enjoyed the sections on staying focused, reactions to others (this could easily be used to develop better communication with a spouse), and accepting differences. Other topics include accepting your feelings, expressing emotions, observing your behavior, and in your relationship

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  • Victor R. Volkman

    >Hi Emily,
    On behalf of Karen Shermand and myself, thanks for your kind words and taking the time to read her book and reflect on your life. We could not ask for more!
    Victor R. Volkman
    Loving Healing Press

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