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Review of Cascadian Farms, a Smart Breakfast Idea

Do you love organic? love feeding your family good ole’ healthy food? Cascadian Farm Organic sells a variety of food items from packaged to frozen. We were given the opportunity to review cereal and granola bars and what we discovered is we LOVE this brand. It’s healthy, you can read/understand the ingredients list and there is no junk you can’t understand on the list of ingredients. I have been going out of my way to find deals on Cascadian Farm Organic cereal and bars so we can keep this stuff in our pantry, even though they are already very reasonably priced. We really like the chocolate cheerios which I found after the review for only .99 cents a box at Grocery Outlet! Some other products we have enjoyed and love are the frozen french fries, they are very tasty and my little ones just love them. Most none organic french fries include oils and salt; some of the thing’s we do not want in our children’s food or in there bodies, so it’s nice that Cascadian Farms is chemical free.

I love knowing that when I purchase food that my family will be eating something healthy and organic. Cascadian Farms does that for us. We trust that what we buy from them won’t be genetically altered or pumped full of hormones. What I really love about Cascadian Farm Organic the most is that they truly believe in producing products that limit our exposure to synthetic insecticides and other things that are not good for you or your families health.

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