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Product #Review: Beanitos Bean #Chips


beanitos bean chips
I was recently approached by Beanitos to do a product review of their new single serve bean chips. As a mom of 2 school age kids I am always on the lookout for healthy snacks that they can eat after school or take on trips. I was delighted to find out that Beanitos packs a big punch in the nutritional department! With a whopping 6 grams of protein and 6 grams of fiber per serving it is clear to me that this brand is NOT your ordinary chip, it is a brand that you can feel comfortable feeding to your family.  I love that the chips are good for you. Have you ever eaten a chip that you can honestly say is “good for you”? Yeah, neither had I until I ate this brand. Now I can snack on chips and not worry about gaining an insane amount of weight the next morning. I can toss a single serve bag into my kid’s school lunch and not worry that I’m feeding them junk for lunch.
beanitos bean chips
Nutritional Information
What I love most about these chips is that they are corn and gluten free, low glycemic, and non-GMO.  You aren’t consuming empty calories. There is 6 grams of protein, 6 grams of fiber, and low in calories. They taste really good and have that crunch that you want in a chip. They definitely satisfy the salty crunchy craving you want in a chip product. They are also priced right, and you know that I am a frugal mommy. I won’t spend a lot on a product but I feel the price is right for these chips. All four flavors – Black Bean, Pinto Bean & Flax, Chipotle BBQ and Cheddar Cheese Pinto Bean –are available in the new single-serve 1.25 oz. bag and are around $1.29 each.
A Word about the Flavors
My favorite flavor is definitely the chipotle bbq; man is it good. The chipotle gives it a special kick that plain bbq flavoring does not. I think the chipotle really helps pull off the taste. If you like bbq flavor but like a little extra kick then this is the chip for you. The cheddar cheese pinto bean is pretty good to. My kids seemed to like this one more than the others. My husband didn’t care for it too much but he likes spicy food. My second favorite is the black bean flavor because it reminded me of blue corn chips. The black bean is not blue in color but it’s salty like the blue corn chips and for some reason just reminds me of them, and could easily be a healthier replacement in my book. I did not like the pinto bean and flax seed flavor. I’m not too fond of flax seeds though, and this flavor has a lot of flax seed in it. If you like flax seed then you’d probably like this flavor.

For more information

Beanitos on their website
Where to purchase
You should be able to find this product in most grocery and health food stores. You can also find Beanitos products on Amazon. 

To Purchase on Beanitos Website:

To purchase on Amazon: Follow this link, and shop around for flavors, quantity and prices

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