Places to go With Kids This Summer

Summer vacation is officially here. The kids are always so excited about summer vacation, then two weeks in they are bored! So what is a parent supposed to do when the kids are bored? If you have older children, crafts and games don’t always work. The kids want to get out and go places! Getting out and going places can get expensive. So what is a parent supposed to do? Here are some tips on places your kids can go without costing you an arm and a leg.

Places to go With Kids This Summer


Bowling is a great option for kids of all ages. Bowling will help them beat the summer heat and keep them entertained for long periods at a time. Some bowling alleys offer summer discounts during certain times of the day. Call your local bowling alley and see if this is something they are offering.

Public Swimming Pool

If you are have a public swimming pool in your area this is a great option for kids. Normally, a public swimming pool does not cost much and can provide hours of entertainment. Some public swimming pools offering a discount on certain days or hours. You might also considering getting a family pass for the summer. Getting a family or season pass could provide you with a huge discount over paying per day.


If you have teens you could drop them off for a matinée movie while you get some much-needed mom time! There is usually always something playing at the theaters that will interest a teen. Going to a matinée show can sometimes give you a discount of up to 50% off the normal rate.

Summer Camp

Check with your local YMCA or Rec center  to see if they are offering any summer camps that might interest your child. Be aware that this option is not always the most affordable. Ask about discounts or scholarships before enrolling your child. Also be sure to ask if lunch or snacks are provided.

Amusement Parks

Going to an amusement park or local fair is always fun for kids. The price of admission, parking, food, games and souvenirs can add up quickly. Check with your local Chamber of Commerce, Costco or fast food restaurant about discount tickets. Another option is to check the back of soda cans, sometimes you will find discounts on them. Sometimes it is worth looking into a season pass.

If these places to go with kids this summer bore your kids, just ask them what they want to do. Chances are they have ideas and have been thinking them up for several weeks now.

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