Summer Blog Challenge June 3 ~ The big 15?

Going Green with the Grizls

15 interesting facts about yourself

1. I’m not always frugal.
2. I once tied my sister to a fence and left her there for over 2 hours.
3. I’m a WASU grad of psychology.
4. I have a little green monster who has wings and a loud beak. Did I
mention I must cook for said little green monster?
5. I have no shame in grabbing a coupon pad affixed to a display:)
6. I had this list done and then accidently deleted the whole thing. While
I did that autosave just happened to turn on…
7. I burn water…
8. You would find me at a garage sale
9. You would never find me at a golf range
10. I love my wii, and think we should get married
11. I have a drama queen teen and a video game obsessed couch potato son
12. We are still unpacking after having moved in 5 months ago…
13. My husband says I hoard fabric. I say he hoards fishing crap
14. My drink is Starbucks non fat pepperment mocha
15. I rarely watch TV

Well there ya have it, 15 things about me that may surprise you. Check out the other bloggers below.


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