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Pine Mountain Classic Firelogs & Starter Logg Review

Photo credit to Pine Mountain Brands

I don’t know about you but for me the quickest way to relaxation is to lite a fire in my fireplace, lite some candles and curl up with a good book. I have been using fire logs for a long time now because firewood is expensive, burns too fast and you can never be too sure that it’s seasoned properly or that the wood hasn’t been treated with harmful chemicals plus it just messes with my allergies.

Photo credit given to Pine Mountain Brands

It’s important to me that the firelogs that I use in my house are made from recyclable materials and burn safely, that’s why I like Pine Mountain firelogs so much. I recently tried Classic firelogs  which are a 3 hour burn time with qwicklite technology for faster and easier lighting. Classic logs are made with clean burn technology which is ideal for indoor and outdoor, they burn more evenly and can even be used for outdoor fire pits. I did not feel that this style of firelogs held as much heat as other products Pine Mountain sells but if you add more than 1 log you get much better heat. Of course we’re in the middle of winter here in Washington state and I am backed up against a hill and lots of trees so wind is getting into the living room which makes it harder to heat the area where the fireplace is located, so I can’t say for sure that it’s not just the area we are burning these logs. Pictured below if of one classic firelogs in my fireplace after burning for an hour. You can purchase these logs by a single log or by a case at most major grocery store chains. There are 6 logs in a case and cost around $25 for a case or $4 for one log but if you use this link here you can sign up for their mailing list and get coupons, stack them with a store sale and double if available to save some money. An example would be save .75/1 Classic firelog, use at Safeway here in Vancouver, WA and stakc it with a double for a total of a savings of $1.33! Or use your coupons at Albertsons during their double events to save $1.75 on a single log or $3 off a case of logs.

I also tried StarterLogg which is used to start a wood fire. I have to be honest and say I don’t know how to make a fire using wood logs and struggled to get these to work. The directions say to light the corners, wait for it to engulf in flames and then add your wood next to but not directly on top of it. I did that and the fire would appear to flame up and catch fire to the wood but after about 30 minutes the fire just died out EVERY time. So I resorted to using newspaper under the wood logs but still it would die. I finally just gave up as the fire defeated me. I can’t say either way that I was or the starterlogg was to blame, I really do not know for sure.

According to the packaging and marketing information I received, Startlogg is supposed to be the leading brand in products to start wood fires plus they burn up to 25% faster than other leading brands. I can say that when I was at the grocery store during a wind storm that left out area extremely cold that this product was completely sold out, so it must be good because there were other products on the shelf that claimed to do the same thing yet they were still on the shelf.

You can get Startlogg’s at grocery stores. They come in a smaller box and have 24 pieces to a box for around $25. This product should last you the whole month and I would think you could cut them in half to extend their life even more, the directions don’t say to do this but the frugal in me says you probably can get away with it.

I have been using the fire place as much as possible this winter, and especially during the holiday season because it just relaxes me and makes me happier to be around. Curl up with a nice book and a glass of cold wine and you are set:)

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