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New Life-Tracking App MotionX 24/7 Scores Nightly Sleep and Daily Activities

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I have trouble sleeping and even when i finally manage to fall asleep I often wake up exhausted and do not feel as though I got a good nights sleep. This app will allow me to track my sleep patterns and so much more. Read on to find out why you should spend the .99 to get the app.

MotionX 24/7 Version 10 Now Provides Nightly Sleep Scores and Daily Move Scores Giving Users a Complete Medical Grade View of Personal Health Metrics

Santa Cruz, Calif. – November 5, 2014 – Life-tracking app MotionX 24/7 today announces the version 10 update of its medical grade sleep and activity monitoring iOS app. The update includes Sleep Score and Move Score features derived from a series of advanced algorithms and patented technologies that monitor and track round-the-clock activity. The app also offers daily coaching tips to help you in set appropriate and achievable health goals.

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Learn more about MotionX 24/7 and download here

The 24/7 Sleep Score is generated using data from a series of user input variables ranging from total time spent sleeping to the ratio of deep sleep to light sleep, and the number of sleep cycles and wake events experienced throughout the night. The Move Score is generated using data such as total active time versus total idle time, intensity of activity and how often a user is active throughout the day. Both scores take into account a user’s biological data such as age, sex, weight and height and compares it to the appropriate demographic standard for sleep and activity compiled from millions of days of activity and nights of sleep tracked and analyzed. The app also leverages advanced machine learning to provide even more accurate and relevant personalized sleep and move scores.

24/7 also boasts a noise detecting feature that automatically activates the microphone and records all sounds made while sleeping, making it possible for users to monitor their sleep talking, snoring or apnea habits. Users can take advantage of the app’s sleep cycle alarm clock, which wakes users at the optimum time in their sleep cycle to help you wake up refreshed. 24/7 also measures and correlates resting heart rate to sleep quantity and quality by using the iPhone camera to detect pulse from a fingertip.

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24/7 will monitor users’ daily movement and activity with personalized “Get Active” alerts and personal goals used to encourage frequent activity breaks. Users simply carry their iPhone in their purses or pockets as usual and 24/7 accurately tracks steps taken and calories burned throughout the day.

“The increasing consumer desire to know more about their everyday health has allowed us to leverage our expertise in the biomechanics of natural human motion and sleep optimization, enabling us to offer iPhone users a fully comprehensive life-tracking solution,” said Mark McCormick, Vice President of Business Development at Fullpower, developer of 24/7. “The integration of the Sleep and Move scores allow us to provide our users with understandable metrics they can use to improve their health and ultimately their quality of life.”

24/7 encapsulates seven years of rigorous research and development in the biomechanics of human motion and sleep and aims to improve overall health in a natural and non-invasive manner.

App Features
24/7 features the following:
·       Personalized Sleep and Move Scores
·       Custom coaching tips and suggestions based on sleep and daily activity metrics
·       Monitor and analyze sleep cycles
·       Advanced and accurate sleep cycle alarm clock for optimum wake-up times
·       Audio recording that captures snoring or other background noises during sleep
·       Resting heart rate monitor that correlates heart rate with sleep quality
·       Smart alarms programmed for optimal length power naps
·       Visual breakdown of time spent awake, in deep sleep, light sleep and total sleep
·       Fingertip pulse detection using the iPhone camera
·       Advanced automatic Get Active alerts
·       Step and activity recorder with optional live voice coach

Pricing and Availability
24/7 is the #1 top paid Medical app available for $0.99 in the iTunes App Store here

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