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Magicflix Delivers Worry Free Parenting & Kids Love it #Magicflix #Ad

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Have you been searching for the perfect app that lets your child watch video while giving you the peace of mind that what they are watching is safe? Magicflix delivers worry-free parenting and delighted kids. It is a curated video service for kids, 12 years and younger, created by moms for moms who are concerned about safety and learning for their children as they watch videos.I am always concerned about the type of videos and commercials my son is watching when i am in the kitchen or another room. Magicflix solves that issue because I know that when he uses this app he is watching safe videos.


What is different about Magicflix?

Magicflix curates videos from around the world to be safe, age-appropriate, and positive – no
more mindless entertainment! We like that my husband’s family can watch videos from their home country, Mexico or my son can watch here in America. No matter, Magicflix is compatible worldwide. Magicflix apps are immersive and designed exclusively for kids.
With videos across Science, Math, Animals and many more, parents and kids love Magicflix. there is enough video interest that children upt to 12 and even some 13 year old’s are going to love it. To
know more, visit

magWho are the people behind Magicflix?

Magicflix is led by a strong consumer technology team hailing from behemoths like Facebook
and Travelocity. 3 of the 4 founders are moms including the CEO, Mamtha Banerjee. With an aspiration to build software that empowers kids, Magicflix’ mission is to make the digital world a safer place for our children. A Techstars 2014 alumni, Magicflix is Seattle based. For more visit or email

What kind of videos are on Magicflix?

Magicflix features the safest and best in edutainment content around the world. With partners from around the world, Magicflix video categories include Animals, Spanish, Math, Science, Music and many more. This includes Kids indie bands – Grammy award winning –,; Spanish – I’m an Animal (produced by Academy Award nominee Brown Bag films), Sara Quintanar Math Rock Band – The Digits and Sick Science – Steve Spangler


Where can you find Magicflix?

Preloaded on more than half a million kids tablets, Magicflix is available on Kurio andClickNKids.

Magicflix will is available on iPhone now to! you can find it in the apps store.

Magicflix is currently available on iPad and Android

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