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Lugz Brigade Fleece Women’s Boots, Holiday Gift Guide Review

My daughter has been asking me to get her these type of boots for months but I wanted to wait for Christmas since I always get her a few things she needs mixed in with a couple of her wants or what I like to call her “luxury” needs. Plus, to be honest I wasn’t really feeling the price tag these come with and needed an excuse to “splurge”. However, when I got offered a chance to review them I jumped at the chance. Once delivered, my mindset completely changed. These boots ARE worth the price tag. You can tell they are quality just by looking at them. The soles are thick and won’t wear out quickly. The insides are lined in wool which will come in handy here since its always cold and lately we have been dropping into the teens. I chose the color wheat/cream which to me is more like camel [same thing really] and I would say they are true to color specifications as well as size.


These Lugz come in 9 different color options: red, black, blue, tan, brown, wheat, grey, white, and green. Sizes offered are 5 through 11 and there are 1/2 size options. These retail for $74.99 plus shipping.

They would be a great gift idea for a spouse, daughter, mother or sister. Someone who hikes or lives in a cold climate would enjoy these very much, plus this style of Lugz is the “in” thing right now with the teens. All my daughter’s friend own these type of Lugz and where them with their jeans.

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