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Lugz Allerton Canvas High Top Sneakers Great for #BacktoSchool Middle and High Schoolers

The Lugz brand is one of my favorites for boys shoes. Not only does the brand have plenty to choose from but my 12 year old can’t break them in two weeks. And when I say break them what I really mean is wear holes in them, tear the insoles out, rip the tops off or GASP, tear the entire bottom of the shoe clean off 😉 Lugz holds up very well in our household. I have never experienced the brand wear out. In fact we still have all of the shoes we have reviewed for Lugz and they all look like new. I feel like it is impossible for my son to kill shoes made by Lugz and that is saying a lot. With Lugz we don’t get any surprises. All we get is high quality shoes that last a long time! I feel confident that Lugz is a brand you can trust, which is why we choose to feature them so much on our site.

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This time we had the opportunity to try a pair of Allerton Canvas high top sneakers. My son chose the grey color in a 9.5 and they fit him perfectly. He liked how comfortable they are. He mentioned that they have a good fit and are comfortable to use when skating on his long board, which by the way is one of the ways he destroys shoes. I personally like the price. You can get high quality shoes somewhere else but you are going to be paying over $60. With Lugz you pay $49.99 for these and a lot of times they are even on sale and they are going to last the whole year and realistically even longer than that.

Lugz has shoes for everyone. They have an extensive selection of kids shoes including boots and sandals that would be great for back to school shopping. I like their work proof line and my husband has been dying to get a couple pairs for work since they are known for their great working shoes. They have a great selection of new styles that can be found here.

The brand has been around since the mid 1990’s. They started out with just two pairs of boots, a vest and a jacket to their line. From there they quickly evolved into what they are today. You can see their full line of apparel here but they are known for their jackets which are pretty nice looking.

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