Liquid Amino Diet – Wk two – 5 lbs Lost

So I’m entering week 3 of Liquid Amino Diet and I won’t lie, it’s really hard. Week 2 the cravings did subside but I still had headaches. I am told that will happen if you were heavily addicted to sugar, I was. It’s a mind game and I want to eat food, the kind of food everyone around me is eating, the unhealthy kind. I messed up a little on the fruit. I ate nectarines thinking they were safe when they actually weren’t; nectarines to high on the glycemic list. So I think I slowed my losses down by doing that. It’s definitely been a mind over food week. I am just thankful that I managed to not cheat in week 2! I don’t consider the nectarines a cheat because I honestly did not realize they weren’t on the approved foods list.

Tips for the week

  • Drink your water! I start craving things if I don’t drink enough water and the water helps with hunger.
  • Eat all your calories. I started slacking on eating 1000 calories. On a couple days I prob ate only 400-600 and I was SUPER hungry and irritable all day. My job makes this diet very difficult so I learned I really need to plan ahead. 
  • Eat the veggies even if you don’t want to. I know this can be hard for many people, me included, but it’s so important. Please just trust me on this, you need them. 
  • Take the drops 3x a day every day. Do not miss even a single dose. I forgot a couple doses this week and I felt a difference, I was more hungry than usual and had a hard time keeping my mind on staying on the diet. 

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I’ll be back later this afternoon to add my weekly before/after photos


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