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HP Envy 120 Review Plus Savings Center Update #HPSavingsCenter

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Have you ever bought a printer only to discover months later that it’s a piece of crap? I have probably gone through hundreds of printers in my lifetime. Buying a new printer is probably one of my pet peeves. I just hate having to go printer shopping, that was of course until I discovered HP’s Envy 120. I first saw this printer at my grandparents house. They had purchased it to print copies of photographs to make into photo albums for the family. I knew then that I wanted this printer. Ironically, a couple weeks later HP invited me to test out this printer and their new Savings Center program.

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I was shocked at how nice the printer was when it came. The box itself boasted an impressive display and wrapped inside was the printer and its contents nice and neatly packaged. Think elite packing, I was certainly impressed.

As a coupon blogger it’s important to me that my printer be easy on ink. If the ink runs out too fast or its too expensive then I won’t purchase it. The cost, the amount of ink used and how fast it gets used up is absolutely the most important factor in purchasing a printer for me and for my readers. The ink for the HP Envy 120 is very reasonably priced and you are able to use recycled ink to save money.


HP Envy 120 is a wireless printer and you are able to use Android and Apple products through an app. It’s got great reviews on places like Amazon and through simple Google searches. You will be pleased by its sleek design. It’s black on black with a glass top and lcd screen with easy to use buttons. It sits nicely on top of a flat surface and does not take up a lot of room. Prints excellent fade resistant photos, scans clearly without smudges or fading, and prints effortlessly and quickly.

The best part of owning an HP printer is its Saving Center capabilities. If you haven’t heard of what Savings Center is I encourage you to read my review of Savings Center in my first HP post here. I recently found out that when you print from Savings Center it does not count as your print limit for So if you print a Kelloggs coupon from Savings Center you can click on that same Kelloggs coupon on or on my own blog site and print the coupon again, like you never printed it before! That’s kind of a big deal.

HP Envy 120 is $249.99 on the HP website but if you shop on Amazon you will save a bit of money and get it for around $190.

HP was kind enough to offer our readers a giveaway. Please check back for a giveaway next week!

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