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Father’s Day Feature: Barbara’s Hand Made Cookie Pies & Cookies

Have you ever struggled with what to get dad for Father’s Day? My step dad really likes to eat and all of his teeth are sweet teeth so the way to his heart is cookies and pie. That’s how I knew I found the perfect Father’s Day present in Barbara’s Hand Made Cookie Pies.
cookie pie

The company sent me an Oreo Creme Cookie Pie to review on my blog. this cookie pie is a seasonal item. It features crushed Oreos on top with a creme filling underneath and the cookie part is a classic shortbread.

I have to say I was simply amazed at how good this thing tastes. I love shortbread but the kind we buy here in the stores is not the same as what my grandmother makes. Her’s is a traditional Norwegian shortbread and so much better than store bought. You can taste the rich butter in hers and it’s simply amazing. Well anyway, I noticed that the shortbread in Barbara’s cookie pie is very close to my grandmother’s recipe. Since my grandmother doesn’t cook much anymore due to illness I know what she’s getting for Christmas!


Barbara’s hand made cookie pies and handmade butter cookies come in several flavors. Everything is handmade and hand filled. Made in the United State and available for delivery from

For the pies these are the options: almond joyful, almond raspberry, apple caramel, chocolate caramel, chocolate chip, cinnamon crumble, fudge brownie, key lime macadamia, oatmeal raisin, Oreo creme, peanut butter cup, peppermint patty, raspberry chocolate, rocky road, and toffee almond.

For the butter cookies: joeyjoys chocolate or rainbow sprinkles, bobbie bellas, nutinis almond or pecan & walnut, cocopoppy, jellyjims, valerinis, terriwinkles, seasonal/holiday varieties, sugar, double baked, chocolate chip.

They also have a treat of the month and a customized option where you can create your own cookie pie. Cookie pies are $19.50 plus shipping. Butter cookies start at $24 plus shipping. Save $3.00 by using promo code PK300

Barbara’s Cookie Pies provided me a sample for this review, however, all opinions are my own.

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