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How to Prevent Fish Smell in the House with Hefty

If you have been following my blog since the beginning then you know my husband likes to go fishing a lot. With the wonderful fish he brings home comes a deep, nasty stank that is hard to contain without the right kitchen trash bag. Believe me, I have tried MANY brands and have found that most leak and do not contain smells very well. The worst issue is the leaking because we have wall to wall carpet in the majority of our apartment.

Have you seen John Cena‘s latest commercial for Hefty Ultra Strong Trash Bags? John Cena sports some incredible hefty comedy muscle in the commercial, making me love Hefty even more! Check below for a video.

fish smell house

And we have dogs. So if fish juice leaks onto the carpet you better bet your butt the dogs will take care of it. You don’t want your dogs to take care of it, trust me on this one.

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If you don’t get to it before the dogs do, then taking care of it means giant holes in your carpet.  IF you are a renter, well then, I think you know where this is heading.


I have found that Hefty Ultra Strong Kitchen Trash Bags with Arm & Hammer Odor Control work very well at containing smells and leaks so that when I am taking the trash out I am not leaving behind fish juice all over my carpet.

Although I am happy with the husband I “got”, I thought this commercial was pretty funny and I am wondering if John Cena would gut the fish my husband leaves in the kitchen hoping I will do it, because honestly, that’s a task I would be willing to accept help with.

These are Hefty’s most loved trash bags ever and for good reason. They work very well, and come in a variety of scents.
Size:13 Gallon (white) Indoor bags come in

•    Clean Burst
•    Citrus Twist
•    Lavender & Sweet Vanilla
•    Crisp Orchard Apple
•    White Pine Breeze
•    Tropical Paradise
•    Pomegranate Mist
Scent Free

These tall kitchen trash bags also have active tear resistant technology for superior strength, Plus the draw string is made stronger so that it resists breaking. This makes carrying out large fish remains a cinch. If you or your husband fish you know why this is important. Fish bones and tails easily rip through cheap trash bags. It is imperative that you use good quality trash bags.

Hefty’s Ultra Strong with Arm & Hammor Odor Control come with a brand new lower price, meaning you can now buy these kitchen trash bags at a lower cost!

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