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Hilltop Christmas Tree Farms Wreath Review

If you are in need of a wreath do check out Hilltop Farms for your needs. They ship to your location so you do not have to pick up in person, and their wreaths are fresh and beautifully green. We received a beautiful holiday wreath to check out and share with our readership. Ours came with a bow, and then we added decoration to the wreath, including LED lights.

Our wreath came fresh, large, and very fragrant. They make all their wreaths at the farm so nothing it drying up while it sits for someone to buy it. Made from the best fragrant trees. You get that lovely fresh tree scent all season long.

This is the first time I have gotten a wreath from Hilltop Christmas Tree Farms, located in Canada. I was a little disappointed that it took so long to arrive. Unfortunately, it appeared that my shipment got stuck in customs and had the unfortunate luck to go through extra scrutiny. It could be because Washington is so picky about what is imported from other countries. We are really strict that no foreign animals or bugs get in, so they inspect the heck out of things. For this reason I do recommend that you order your wreath early.

These wreaths last a long time, and the fresh pine scent lingers throughout. We have ours on our front door, and we can smell the pine outside our breezeway.

Choosing your perfect Hilltop Wreath – Fraser or Balsam?

The Fraser Fir is the most popular Christmas tree sold throughout North America as a whole. Often referred to as the “Cadillac of Christmas trees”, its popularity is mainly due to its excellent needle retention qualities, its intense aroma, and attractive lush green color. The Fraser fir has a beautiful shape, with sturdy upturned branches and needles up to 1″ long and can hold numerous heavy Christmas ornaments. Available in a variety of sizes, our Fraser firs are cared for over a number of years in order to produce the very best quality Christmas trees.

The Balsam Fir is also an extremely popular Christmas tree choice, with excellent needle retention properties and wonderful, fresh aroma. Its rich and dark-green in color, with a beautiful dense, pyramid shape, the Fraser fir is topped off with its signature slender spire-like tip. Like the Fraser fir, the branches are sturdy and upturned, however, the Balsam fir’s needles are short and softer to the touch. Again, this tree can hold many heavy Christmas ornaments with ease, and will bring a rich, forest freshness to your home.

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