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Xoom by Paypal Makes it Easy for Family to Send Money Internationally

This is part of a sponsored collaboration with PayPal and DiMe Media. However, all opinions expressed are my own.

The conversation rate for Mexico is at an all time high right now so now is the best time to be sending money to family in Mexico. With Xoom by Paypal requesting and sending money to Mexico has never been easier.

xoom by paypal

For many people the end of the year symbolizes a time to celebrate moments with the people you love the most. However, it’s not always possible to spend the holidays with family and friends. For people like my husband who have the majority of their family in another country it can be especially difficult this time of year.

According to a 2016 study by the United Nations, currently an estimated 244 million migrants live outside the country where they were born. While this time of year may not be the same without our loved ones abroad, nowadays, technology is making it easier to close geographic distances and stay connected by supporting our families who are away during the holidays.

xoom by paypal

We send money to family in Mexico several times a year but we also send a little extra during the holidays to cover the different religious parties his family organizes. Since his family does not have a lot of money over there our gifts help them live a little more comfortably.

Whether your family is a small group of four people or a large battalion of many, end-of-year celebrations are always an added expense for those who organize them, so a little help never hurts. Xoom by Paypal makes it easier to send money at the last minute, and lets my husband’s family request money when they need a little extra. This is done all in seconds from their phone!

Xoom’s Paypal services are state of the art, and a leading company in delivering digital money services are both fast and very convenient for family members who need money right away.

xoom by paypal

Every time I see my husband send money to his family he then calls them and delivers a long string of complicated digits that they have to accurately write down. If one of those digits or letters is wrong they cannot get their money, and they need to wait for him to call them back. It is a tedious process that is much too complicated.

With Paypal’s Xoom service the process is simplified so that family do not have to do all of that tedious writing and remembering. One of the best parts of using Xoom is that you can pay their utility bills so they do not have to!   This one is great because often my husband’s mother doesn’t want to accept the help but she “needs” it so we can now just go pay it without her being able to say no! Other things that you can do with Xoom include reloading airtime cards, and they offer 24/7 customer support.

Xoom APP is also available on Android and IOS! Make sure to sign up for Xoom now, and if you already have a Paypal account you can link it to your Xoom account.


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