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Fall Garden 2013 Update – Pumpkin Almost Ready, Lettuce, Broccoli and Cabbage

It’s been a few at least a month since I shared some garden progress with you so I thought I better get those pictures rolling. This is the first year we have grown pumpkin and I have to admit I didn’t check to see what kind I planted but from the looks of it, it’s not a pie pumpkin! My son Diego said we have to leave it for a couple more days so it gets a bit more orange and then he wants to take it home to carve. I cannot wait to roast the seeds! There’s nothing more frugal then growing your own food.

garden pumpkin

I am amazed at how well our lettuce bed is doing. We just planted the starts a couple weeks ago. The last update was of another bed and we’ve already eaten it all up! One thing is for sure, I will definitely be growing a larger selection of lettuce next year. I actually couldn’t resist and I ended up cutting this row to take home for lunches.


Do you like broccoli? It is actually one of the more easy vegetables to grow at home for the beginner gardener. With Broccoli being $1.49 a pound at my local stores it is much cheaper to grow it myself.

If your stores are ridiculously priced for produce then the best area to start is to grow the vegetables you are already buying from the local supermarkets and then expand on it. Again, super frugal, probably one of the best frugal tips I will ever stress to you.

One tip I want to stress is when you see that the broccoli has fully developed a head you need to harvest it. You can freeze it if you don’t need it right away. Too many times I’ve had broccoli mold here because of our weather.


To be honest I think I planted my cabbage too late in the season and our plot will be plowed over the first week of November, so I planned my last crop poorly. I’m kind of hoping for bad weather because it will hold off the city from plowing which means I might be able to harvest my cabbages fully matured. If push comes to shove I’m harvesting ready or not!


Well that about wraps it up. I have a lot more in the garden but they aren’t large enough to share. Our onions are doing well. Bok Choy is doing insanely good, I’ve actually already cut them down twice and in a week they grew back.

Oh I almost forgot to show you my tiny little Kholrabi plants! I am really excited about these because I had never eaten them before this year. I tried them once and then I was totally hooked! If you have never tried it before you should, they are good.


Let me know what you think. Do you have a garden at home? If you do what to you grow in it?


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