Dollar Tree Wreath Tutorial for Spring

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This Dollar Tree Wreath Tutorial is perfect for spring decorating and super cheap to make. To buy the items listed in this project and more go to today!

dollar tree crafts

Did you know Dollar Tree has a huge assortment of flowers, and wreath making supplies? If its been a while since you bought artificial flowers from them then you will want to check them out, they have improved their flower game! I was really shocked at the quality.

With each item priced at only $1, there is no reason you should spend $60 on a wreath when you can make one for less than $20. And the one my daughter and I made below is gorgeous!

All the directions are below with lots of pictures so you can easily make this wreath

dollar tree crafts

These supplies can be purchased in bulk on the Dollar Tree website. You will need the following items to complete this Dollar Tree Wreath Tutorial

Assorted Dollar Tree flowers in bulk
Wreath frame
Ribbon for Bow
Assorted glitter Easter eggs (use leftovers from Easter!)


The first step is to weave each flower bouquet into the wreath wiring like pictured. Start weaving the stem into the first metal opening, go under, and then back out, and then under again so that the stem end is on the wreath backside.

dollar tree crafts

Weave the flowers into a crescent shape. Then remove a couple of the flowers throughout. Place a glitter egg onto the stem where the flowers used to be. So cute, right!

If you need to glue them on I suggest hot glue. The dollar tree does sell glue guns, and hot glue. I buy hot glue from them all the time because its so cheap. It works great.

dollar tree crafts dollar tree crafts

The last step is to tie a cute bow on the portion that has no flowers, and then hang it up.

dollar tree crafts

How cute is this wreath! I will be making a 4th of July one very soon.

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