DIY Halloween- Puke Splattered Brains

Warning, don’t look at this until after dinner!

puke 1

Do you have leftover spaghetti noodles from pasta night? This is a fun way to use them up and get some Halloween fun in at the same time. It takes just a few minutes to create this project and the look on the kids faces when they think “that’s” dinner is priceless.


Leave old spaghetti in strainer squished into one side of the strainer overnight to harden in the shape of a brain.

Place on a display plate. Shape it to look like a brain. I used a dinner plate I had on hand but this would look really cool on a Halloween decorative plate.

Mix 1/4 cup flour with water and red food dye. You want the mixture to be watery but have lumps in it so it looks like puke 😉

Splatter mixture all over brains.

Display somewhere fun, where the kids are going to see it. Consider this payback for all the naughty things they do to you throughout the year 😉

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