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Urban Hymn – In Theaters and On Demand May 12th, 2017

Urban Hymn follows a troubled teen, Jamie, who has talent beyond her young age, but is pressured into illegal activities by her violent yet loyal friend, Leanne. A new social worker enters the picture, and she quickly engages with Jamie and before long Kate (the worker) has her in a choir, living her dream.

Urban Hymn

Jamie’s friend is relentless, and is in and out a jail, taking Jamie along for the ride on several occasions. All the while, Kate, is advocating for two teen girls while trying desperately to connect with Leanne to no avail. Leanne only grows more violent and unpredictable. And in the end Kate’s life is forever changed.

As a new social worker myself, I really felt for Kate. She was in a position of great disadvantage because the “system” kept failing Leanne. With each new incarceration Leanne grew more and more violent and unpredictable. With each release she brought Jamie’s life spiraling down, and was a source of Jamie’s contemplation. Leanne nearly costs Jamie everything.

Kate made some mistakes that could have been prevented. I won’t go into too much detail as I don’t want to spoil the ending but her inexperience put her life in danger, and in the end her life was forever changed. She made some vital mistakes that made her more at risk for what happened to her. Kate could have used some deescalation training.

If you have some time this weekend I encourage you to go see Urban Hymn with the family. You won’t regret it.

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