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DIY Disney Washi Tape Projects – Make a Disney Themed Frame #myprintly #cmyk #disneyside

My daughter and I attended an event for MyPrintly, a new innovative way to print pictures using social media channels. There was a craft table full of washi tape so I decided on a few diy disney washi tape prjects one of which I am sharing in this post with you all! But first let me tell you about an AWESOME new app you are going to want, and it is FREE!

disney frame 3

The free app

1. Download the free app – HP Social Media Snapshots

2. Select your photo from social media

3. Choose your design

4. Print it

It really is THAT easy, and it makes being on the run that much easier for you. You never have to worry about having to first save photos to your phone. You can upload straight to social media, and later print the picture when it’s convenient for you.

DIY Disney Washi Tape Projects – Frame

Oh my gosh, this Disney themed washi tape frame is so darn cute!

In this tutorial I am using the following items

Disney themed washi tape found here

Solid red with white polka dots washi tape found here

Minie & Micki glitter embellishments found here

Frame was provided, and any that you have will do. Or try a local crafting store for a scalloped edge wood blank frame.


disney washi before

1. Alternate washi tape so that a red/white polka dot washi tape in center between two individual Disney themed ones. One front of the frame is completely covered in wahsi tape you are ready to finish the edges of the frame.

alternate disney washi tape


2. Take red with white polka dot washi tape, and move it along the edge of the frame, molding it to the frame as you go. Start the edge as close to the frame edge as you can as you move the tape along the edges, and seal it. Then gently run all along the sides to ensure its stuck on well.

disney washi tape 3

3. Take the embellishments, and place a Minnie and Mickie in each corner. Cut each litle groove off the backside of each embellishment before gluing onto frame. It makes it easier to work with. Use tacky glue (hot glue works good to) to secure, and let dry completely.

washi tape edges


This was seriously the easiest frame I have ever made. I used the HP Social Media Snapshots phone app to print my picture directly from my Facebook account.


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