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7 Valentine Day Crafts Kids Will Love

Valentin’s day was always my kids favorite when they were little. I remember how difficult it was to find the perfect cards or candy to go with the cards they like to give out in class because my kids wanted to find “just the right items” to go in them. They had a vision in their head, and once that seed was planted it was hunting season. Luckily now days we have bloggers and Pinterest to help us out, and a lot of times these projects are less expensive to make. Here are 7 easy valentine day crafts kids will absolutely adore.

valentine day crafts kids

Valentine day crafts kids will love!

Valentine day crafts kids like really can drastically be different from home to home. I know when my kids were younger they would have loved to make any of these that I am featuring. I am sure your kids will love them to.

These valentine day crafts kids will not only be adored by all ages, but they are also frugal, so they aren’t going to cost you a fortune to make. That is always a plus in my pocketbook. My favorite favorite easy valentine day crafts are always the ones that takes only a couple minutes to make, like this Valentine’s Day Cards project.

If you are looking for printable valentine day crafts this Printable Non Candy Tags this is a great cheap idea if you have a class to pass out to. I like that all of the supplies for this craft are available at the Dollar Tree. Here’s another awesome printable valentine day crafts idea that is frugal, plus this blogger has a lot of other printable crafts on her site.

If you’re looking for valentine day crafts preschoolers can do this Flamingo Valentine’s Day Craft Kids project from My Song, My Strength, looks like something a preschooler can do with some help from mom. It would work in a preschool or kindergarten as well. Cupid’s Heart Glow Stick Valentines from is another great valentine day crafts preschoolers can do with little assistance from mom or dad.

Wreaths are so popular during the holidays but a lot of people think that a wreath is a Christmas time decoration. That’s so not the case, and this Burlap & Yarn Wreath is gorgeous. You can find all of the supplies on Amazon to, so you don’t have to go hunting around your local stores. Easy valentine day crafts like this one are hard to pass by. I think I will be making this wreath.

I love cheap crafts that keep my kids entertained. These Valentine Day Treat Pockets are so adorable, and reusable to! They look simple enough to make, and you can get all of the supplies at your local Dollar Tree which is another plus.

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