DIY Perler Bead Poo Emoji

perler bead poo emoji

With summer in full swing I am still trying to keep my teens entertained, and sometimes that means doing silly things. My 14 year old is obsessed with the poo emoji, and so I thought I would create a poo emoji using perler beads. For my silhouette cameo users this is an item you could personalize by adding vinyl initials. I have been planning a few projects using this emoji and various hashtags that my son has asked for, and this is the first of many that will be on my site in the coming weeks. Want a different emoji? Tell me what you are looking for in the comments and I will see what I can do. If you have a Silhouette or other vinyl cutting machine be sure to join my Rockin The Silhouette With Beads Group to learn how you can add vinyl to these, and many other perler bead projects.

emoji assembly

Materials Needed
Mixed bag of Perler beads
Small circle and small/large square pegboard
Perler Ironing paper
Tweezers (optional)
Sticker magnets

For your convenience I have included a shopping list for Amazon with everything you will need

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1. Start off by printing your PooEmoji template to lay next to you while your craft
2. Use your large or small square pegboard to start your poo emoji
3. Use your tweezers to pick up your beads, starting with the brown beads and outline your poo starting from the bottom and working your way up
4. Now add in your white beads to make the eyes and mouth
5. Then fill in your emoji with your brown beads
6. Carefully place a piece of ironing paper over the top of your emojis and iron on a dry setting for about 20 seconds
7. Peel your paper off and place another piece of paper on top and iron again to another 15 seconds
8. Let cool completely then peel your bead design off
9. Add a small sticky magnet to the back and place on your fridge

*Always play it safe, and keep away from small children. Supervise at all times.

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