Clothing Exchange 8/19 – Vancouver, WA

This came across my desk today and I’d like to pass it on to my Vancouver, WA residents.  Clothing Exchange for back to school happening on 8/19 at Smokies Pizza in Vancouver, WA.  It will be from 2-4 pm.  FYI, I will likely be there! 

Hi Emily,

I am just an individual with 6 kids at home so I know how hard it is in this economy. In the past I have tried to do a few clothing exchanges a year for both kids clothes and for plus size but the last 2 years has been very difficult for us. Sometimes they are at the place we are going to be at next Sunday, sometimes we try to do a potluck thing. This exchange will be at the Smokies Pizza at 10411 NE 4th Plain Blvd in Vancouver, but there is NO requirement to purchase food, but people are more than welcome to if they wish.

Basically people will bring good, clean, decent, school-worthy clothes that they don’t need or don’t use and exchange them for some they can use. I don’t have a 1 for 1 rule and we donate what is left behind to the women’s shelter for kids that don’t have anything. We also let people drop stuff by that don’t need anything which helps a lot if people need more than was brought in by participants. We also exchange things like belts, shoes, purses, accessories, backpacks, etc. This year I am also collecting school supplies to help families that can’t afford any, so anything helps there.

Later in the year I would like to do a school dances dress exchange, too.

Anyway, that’s basically what it’s all about.

Thanks much,

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