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Genie Bra Review

As you know it is Mother’s Day and mothers across the world are celebrating. Sometimes it can be difficult to think about a gift for mom because she already has so much.  Luckily when it comes to gifts for mom we have a  lot of choices.  Are you looking for a last minute gift for mom? I may have the perfect solution for you.



Every women in the US has heard of them. Many can’t stand wearing them but do because it is a necessity. If you are like my mother you can’t stand under wire and rip the wires out of any new bra you get. You might be destroying your bras because that painful under wire is just too much to bare. Then there are the seams. Certain bras make your back fat look enormous under clothing. It almost appears that certain bras draw attention to that area instead of detracting from it.

Bras by Genie are one style fits all bras for women who want to be comfortable while looking good. These bras are made to be comfortable and  convenient. Each bra is designed to have  elegant curves that naturally contour to a women’s body. There are 3 styles of bras made by Genie plus a legging garment made specifically to smooth and contour  your body. These bras do not have wire in them! They are made for women, girls and especially moms. The fabric is breathable and smooth. You can wash these garments and they won’t loose shape. The unique fabric conforms to any cup size so as long as you fit into one of their available chest sizes you won’t have to worry about if they will fit your cup size.


After witnessing mom destroy bra after bra over the years I decided it was time to find something that has all the qualities in a bra that mom will like without the wires. The best part is mom can find these bras at most major retail stores { even her favorite store, Walmart} and she won’t need to rip apart her garments to get the wires out.

I found Genie bras at a store and was interested in them so I contacted the company to see if I could review them and a couple days later they contacted me for a review.


I received 3 items from the Genie line: the original Genie bra, Milana bra and Cami Shaper. I fell in love with all 3 as soon as I tried them on. I can’t say I will want to go back to my old bras, ever.

  • The original Genie Bra is so comfortable and if you are ordering off of the Genie Bra website you get a set of 6 bras for $60! You can also pick them up at stores like Walmart for $9.99 each. That is a tremendous bargain for such a comfortable bra. I received the beige bra, it fit well and was true to size but was not my favorite of the 3 bras I received. Genie bra is good for those who recently had a mastectomy or other surgery because it is under wire free. Sizing available includes the following: xs-xl and plus sizes 2x-4x. The bra has removable pads and they should be removed before washing the bra.
  • Milana Bra is by far my favorite of the 3 bras I got to try. I really love the lace panel insert that hides your cleavage. It was nice to have for my office job since a lot of my blouses are v cut. This bra is made of the same fabric all the Genie bras are made from, Everlast fabric and also has removable pads that must come out before washing. In my opinion, the bra is almost identical to the original Genie except with the Milana you get a lace panel and it is better coverage with a wider back area that couture’s more than the Genie original. the Milana bra is sold online only and comes in sets of 2 for $60.00
  • Cami Shaper is a cami with a built in Genie bra. It is super comfortable and smoothes out any imperfection. You can wear Cami Shaper alone or under clothing. I prefer to wear mine under clothing for maximum shaping. Easy to clean and soft fabric makes this my fabric garment in my closet.

Genie bras are awesome because they provide full coverage and can be worn for workouts. As a plus sized women that is top heavy it can be hard to find a sports bra that provide the coverage and support that I need during a workout.


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