A Visit to The Pumpkin Patch

My kids are growing up so fast and I thought this year we would not be heading to the pumpkin patch  but then my son decided at the last second [[when it’s pouring a river outside]] that store bought pumpkins are not the same as farm grade ones you get at a patch [[ FYI  they actually are the same pumpkins and are cheaper to boot]].

So we waited for a break in the weather, I forced the teenager into the car and we all 3 headed to the patch [[ my husband was the lucky one because he was at work]].

We get to the pumpkin patch and it starts pouring a river again but this time it was actually more like an ocean;  the teenage drama queen refuses to leave the car and locks all the doors as soon as I get out, I have the keys but I really don’t care if she freezes in the car while we shop for the perfect specimen and frankly,  it’s not a battle I wish to fight at the moment. My son and I head down the muddy path towards pumpkin land, there’s not a lot of people out there and the one’s that are there look like they are being tortured as the rain pounds their clothes and face and their kids parade around with giant pumpkins they cannot carry.

I hear  a nearby parent call out

NO! you can’t have that one. Remember, only take what you can carry” 

I know this rule does not apply to my son. There was a time that the rule did apple but not anymore. If he can pick me up then surely he can pick up one of those HUGE pumpkins to the side. And, at .29 cents a pound [[ ridiculously expensive  for something that grows so vigorously in Washington, if you ask me ]], that pumpkin I see him eyeing would likely cost me around $30.  I have only a $20 on me and we need 2 pumpkins. So he leaves it behind.

My son throws a pumpkin in his wheelbarrow and looks and me with a question of approval. I say sure and then he says I think I want to look around a little bit more, see if there are any better one’s in those bushes over there. I can see where this is going and it isn’t going to be fun for mom, who is in the rain, freezing and still needs one more pumpkin for teenage drama queen.

And then another pumpkin hits the wheelbarrow…

This one’s much bigger than the last and I am thinking YES, now let’s  grab one more and let’s get out of here! [[ let me remind you it is raining, quite heavily]] But he  eyes another one down the way and it looks to be the perfect shape for a scary face and it’s bright orange with no dirt on it [[his words]], so we head over there and he takes a look at the specimen but then finds that the steam is starting to rot and it’s got a flaw on it’s side. I’m starting to think my daughter had the right idea, staying in the car dry and away from the mud.  Then he looks to the left and sees the perfect pumpkin ever, it is big and round and fat [[ it looks lopsided to me but no way am I voicing my opinion]]. It goes into the wheelbarrow and we head to the next patch of pumpkins a couple fields away.

Then the next specimen is chosen, and as you can see from the picture to the left, he’s looking towards more pumpkins, so you can guess how the next 20 minutes is spent 😉 Eventually we get our two pumpkins and we head to the checkout, we get pumpkin fudge and fight over cookies and we are out of there=)

Oh and mom only spent $18.95 [[ the fudge was a reward for my hard work]]

So tell me, have you gone or do you have plans to go to the pumpkin patch? Do you ride the hay rides or do any other fun things while there?  Let me know by commenting below


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