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The Thing With Feathers by McCall Hoyle

I haven’t read a book that wasn’t a textbook in a long time. Finally I had the chance this week. Truthfully I didn’t have much interest in this one but thought my daughter might like it since it is a young adult book.  But I decided to read a couple pages just to see and once I picked it up I could not put it down. I love when I find a good book.

the things with the feathers

A little about The Things with Feathers

Sixteen-year-old Emilie Day is not like the other girls from her town on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. She has epilepsy, is homeschooled, and would rather be reading classic literature than be the center of attention. Ever since her father’s death and her diagnosis, risk has not been in Emilie’s vocabulary. Unfortunately, all the safety she’s built for herself is about to be stripped away when, on her doctor’s recommendation, Emilie is sentenced to spend her junior year at North Ridge High School. Fueled by frustration, Emilie doesn’t plan to stay…or tell anyone about her epilepsy. But Emilie isn’t banking on meeting new friends or getting to know the handsome and charming Chatham York. And she definitely isn’t counting on falling for him when they’re paired up to do a research project on Emily Dickinson. Chatham challenges Emilie to face her fears—but he doesn’t know what she dreads most is a public grand mal seizure.

Regardless if you have read a book this week or haven’t read a book in ages this is a great one to add to your library, Kindle or Audible membership. Though it’s geared toward young adults any adult or teen will enjoy it. My favorite type of books are those that make me FEEL something. This book did that.

I felt I could relate to Emilie’s struggle to have a normal teenage life. I could understand her point of view and if I put my teenage hat on I could emphasize with her feelings about her peers knowing she has Epilepsy. I had empathy for her and understood why a teen might not want to go to public school after years of homeschooling. At the same time the mom in me kept screaming out tell them about the epilepsy because it would be impossible for her to hold friendships and keep that secret.

Not only is Emilie struggling with how to let her friends know about her epilepsy, she is forced to face her grief over her father’s death while her mother begins to date a new man. As she opens herself up to new friends, she sees that every family has its share of problems and that her problems are mild compared to some others. With empathy, a little humor, and some insight Hoyle draws us into Emilie’s world.

If you love stories about first love and friendship, families that aren’t perfect, and above all, hope, you will love this book

To purchase a copy of The Things With Feathers by McCall Hoyle go here



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