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Review of American Apparel ~ #Holiday Gift Guide

I truly love things that are made in America for many reasons but above all I do not support sweat shops and child labor, that’s actually one of the main reason I do not shop at certain chain stores unless I can’t find an item anywhere else. At American Apparel you can expect to find American made quality clothing that are in style and reasonably priced. They have items for the entire family, even your infant. Their factory is located in downtown Los Angeles and they produce more than 10,000 jobs all over the world. They have a neat feature on their site that let’s you explore their factory so you can see for yourself how your clothing is made, you can find it here .

If you are looking for a gift for someone who loves quality American made products then American Apparel might be what they would like. According to my teenage daughter, this retail store is a top store for teens, and she considers it “high fashion”. I would caution allowing a young person look at the online store without parental supervision though as there are some racy model pictures throughout the store.

I had the opportunity to check out some of American Apparel items and I was very impressed by the quality of the items I received. The  L’Epicier Two-Tone Leather Bag in Brown retails for $95.00 and is all 100% leather construction reminds me of a messenger bag because it is fairly large, in fact, I use it as a computer bag for work. I really like this purse because it is just right in the size and works for a lot of things.

I also chose this Unisex Denim Jacket  in Resin Dark Wash Indigo in size small, it retails for $79 and is made from high quality denim. The site states that if it’s for a woman you should order one size smaller but I did not catch that when I first ordered so I chose a size small. When it arrived it was too large and my daughter did not like the color, so I contacted AP and they exchanged for a smaller size in a different color. The exchange was very easy and straight forward, we had absolutely no issues at all with the return.

I love how well made the jacket is, as a seamstress I noticed the stitching right away, it’s really high quality and will last a long time because it is made from stronger thread that won’t become worn down by the washing machine. There are 3 colors available: Resin Dark Wash Indigo, Stone Washed Black, Medium Stone Washed Indigo. The darker indigo has darker/shinier gold button detail that looks really good with the dark wash.

Check out their 90% off sale here  plus get free shipping when you spend $50!

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