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Review – Hello Kitty Digital Camera 2.1 MP With Changing Face Plates

hello kitty collage

This Easter you might be thinking outside the box of candy. What can you give your child that isn’t candy related but will spark her interest enough that she forgets all about having a basket full of Easter yummies. Dolls and toys are nice but in this day and age of electronics a camera might be better.

Hello Kitty makes adorable electronic products. They have a nice selection of cameras for kids in different Hello Kitty designs.

We had the opportunity to get to review a 2.1 MP
Hello Kitty Digital Camera With Changing Faceplates. This camera retails for $39.99 and has the following features.

  • 2.1 mega pixel shots
  • 3 interchangeable faceplates
  • software included allows for easy edit to print features making master pieces easy to create.
  • easy interface making it easy for new photographers
  • lcd screen making it easy to see frame and review  shots

My niece is 8 years old has has recently started photography so I gave her this camera and boy was she excited! She loved using it and took her mom out on a long walk as she snapped photos. Unfortunately, their laptop has died so she was not able to get the photos off of her camera in time for this review. I will make sure to update once we get those pictures.

One Comment

  • Michelle Hagewood

    That camera is super cute! This will be the first year that my kid’s baskets won’t be filled to the brim with candy. I’d rather they have stuff to play with instead of a bunch of candy. Of course I’ll still have to put some in there otherwise it just wouldn’t be Easter to them, but toys are a good idea too.

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