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Papa Murphy’s Fresh Pan Crust Pizza is What’s for Dinner Tonight #PapaMurphysMNO

My son was excited when he found out we got to try the new Papa Murphy’s Fresh Pan Crust Pizza. Pizza is his favorite food so he was more then eager to come with me to pick out his pizza toppings.

papa murphys pizza edited

We have always been partial to take and bake pizza because it’s fresher and we don’t need to eat it right away. You can taste the difference in take and bake verses traditional hot pizza joints. In Vancouver, WA we don’t have a good pizza parlor around and I always question what’s in the cheapo $5 dollar pizza places we do have. We like Papa Murphy’s because we are right there when they are putting our pizza together and the pizza looks good. It’s always fresh and the staff are friendly.

The friendly staff at Papa Murphy’s in Vancouver, WA¬† on 4th Plain road was kind enough to allow me to take a photo of one of the staff members. She was such a great sport so a shout out to her for her awesome customer service.

pm staff 2

Papa Murphy’s has a brand new pan crust available that is so darn good. We chose that for both of our pizza’s. The price was really good. Papa Murphy’s gave us $20 to use to buy pizza and any sides we wanted. We chose to get two large fresh pan crust pizza’s and our total was $21 and some change! It was enough to feed my family of 4 and we still had half a pizza left for the next day.

I tried to take photos of single pieces of pizza but sadly they didn’t turn out so I just have whole pizza pictures to share. We got a peperoni for one and a Hawaiian for the other.

peperoni before cooked 2

and boy were they good. The crust is thick and has a buttery texture and cooks up perfectly golden with a light and crispy texture on the outside. It’s like eating a fresh loaf of bread loaded with cheese and other toppings of your choosing.

If you are thinking about pizza for dinner tonight you definitely should head over to Papa Murphy’s and pick up a new fresh pan crust pizza. #PapaMurphysMNO

This post is part of a sponsored campaign with Papa Murphy’s and MomSelect. All thoughts and opinions are my own



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