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Reebok Women’s Moisture Wicking Athletic Jacket $12.99 (Retails $69.99)

My husband has about 5 pieces of moisture wicking items from Reebok, and he loves them. They work very well for people who are outside a lot. My husband plays soccer rain or shine, and he’s been known to fish in freezing conditions. The high winds we get here can be painful when temperatures drop below freezing. Normal active wear does nothing to protect from the wind and chill of winter. This Reebok Warrier Dash Moisture Wicking Active Jacket for only $12.99 shipped FREE!

womens reebok moisture wicking

This Reebok Flex Collection PlayDry Track Jacket was printed for the Warrior Dash, and lucky for you they printed too many. Their mistake is your gain because now you can own one without ever having to compete in the Warrior Dash! Keep in mind these jackets were leftover stock from the Warrior Dash so if you don’t mind a little print on this awesome Reebok jacket then have we got a deal for you! $12.99 is unheard of for an authentic Reebok moisture wicking active jacket. These are normally $69.99, and on sale around $30.

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