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Pinecone Research- is Accepting New Memembers, No age Limit!

Would you like to get paid to test out full products?  Pinecone Research is currently recruiting for new members and right now there is no age limit!  There is a high need for Spanish speaking panelists so if you or someone you know speaks Spanish you should sign them up.

My mom is a member as well as my husband. Mom gets to try lots of cool stuff. One time she got to try a new set of markers yet to be released, another time a tv dinner company and just recently she got to review a new pullup brand. My husband has gotten to review shampoo and shavings cream plus a razor one time. You also get paid for each survey that you take and they pay quickly.

Click the picture and it will take you to the short screening page for Pinecone Research  where it will ask a few demographic questions to see if you qualify. If you qualify they will send approval usually by the next day.

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