Liquid Amino Diet weeks 4-5

I have been so busy that I have not had a chance to post any Liquid Amino Diet progress in a while. So I am combining weeks 4-5 into one post. Posts will start to be more consistent now that August is nearly over and the kids get back in school.


Week 4

Week 4 of liquid amino diet was crazy because of work. We were training on new paperwork and I was out in the field every day during most of my work shift. I definitely did not eat enough during this week and it showed on the scale. I lost only 3 pounds but at least I stuck to the diet this week and that is progress. There is not much more to say about week 4. I was disappointed that I lost only 3 pounds because I felt like I should be able to lose like I did that first week but then I got to thinking that 3 pounds is a lot in one week so I should be happy about it, and I am but I’m more excited to get into week 5 because I’ll have more food options.  The thing is, this diet is extremely restrictive so it is just hard to stay on it for a prolonged period of time.  I think 4 weeks might have been my limit this round.

Week 5

 In week 5 of the Liquid Amino Diet you switch to phase 2 of the diet plan. In this diet you are allowed  to eat more variety. The only restriction is starchy foods like potato; you’re not allowed until phase 3.  You still can’t have cured bacon or other processed meats but are allowed more fat and fattier cuts of meat. You are allowed  plain oatmeal with no sweetener in it. *Towards the end of week  5 I started using coconut crystals and coconut flour. I was already using coconut oil during phase 3 of the diet so I just continued with it in larger quantities.

During  the first couple days of week 5 I ate something that gave me an allergic reaction, my skin broke out and my face was red and acne started appearing again. During phase 1  my face completely cleared up and the red redness started to disappear, but the first week of phase 2 I started breaking out again.  I asked my diet coach what her thoughts were and she suggested sticking strictly to phase 2 foods only. I thought I was  but I began to keep better tract  of what I was eating. I  found that the bread I was eating had white sugar in it as did the salad dressing I was using on my salads.  I’ll just have to wait and see if it clears up. I’ll let you know in week 6 progress.

I did lose an additional pound during week 5  but I also started exercising during this phase; a friend and I have been walking a couple times a week to try to get back  in shape so I think that likely played a factor in the 1 pound loss. Other than that I have not lost anymore weight. I’ll see what week 6 brings and hopefully I’ll see the scale dip down more!

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